‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: New Houseguest At Risk Of Eviction In ‘BB17’ House Now?

Big Brother 17 spoilers may be bad news for Liz Nolan. As the BB17 house buzzes following the Week 2 Veto competition, it appears Liz and her twin sister Julia could have a problem. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelli Poole took over as the sole Head of Household, leaving Da’Vonne Rogers and John McGuire as the new nominees for eviction. After John won the Veto, though, things have started to shift in the house. Shelli wants the house to vote and Da’Vonne and for John to not use the Veto. A report from fan site Big Brother Network on Saturday (July 4) reveals that a new houseguest could be at risk of going home.

When John uses the Veto to save himself, Shelli is going to have to name a replacement nominee. This is where Liz Nolan could be in trouble, because Shelli thinks it’s a good idea to put her up as a pawn. The plan would still be to find enough votes to get Da’Vonne out of the BB17 house, but the old saying is that pawns always go home. With the twist that Kathy Griffin introduced to the house this week, it means that three votes are going to get thrown out.

The Big Brother 17 spoilers about the Veto ceremony haven’t come out as expected, leaving Liz and sister Julia a lot of time to stress about what might happen next. If the twins make it through the first five weeks without getting evicted, they both get to enter the house and play for the $500,000 prize. Going hom in a shocking Week 2 eviction isn’t in their plans, so Liz and Julia are fighting hard to not be that replacement nominee.

Just like when Jace Agolli got evicted from the Big Brother house, Shelli Poole has a chance to make a big game play with this replacement nominee. She could really shake up the house and propel her personal game for the rest of the season. Working to get Da’Vonne Rogers out of the house may seem like an easy move, but that is a houseguest that could have helped Shelli in the long run. It’s also a shame that the women once again have tried to set up an “all girls alliance” in the house only to turn on each other very quickly. Remember when Shelli, Da’Vonne, and Audrey Middleton were going to play together until the end?

There is the potential for a lot of drama to play out in the BB17 house over the weekend, especially if one of the houseguests find out the secret behind the “Last Laugh” reward. Having the power to throw out the votes of three chosen houseguests could help swing the Week 2 eviction vote. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers, because it seems like there is going to be a lot of maneuvering over the next few days. Can Liz Nolan save herself and keep the “Twin Twist” going?

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]