Malia Obama Signs On As Intern For Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls,’ Comes Under Fire From Conservatives

Malia Obama has signed on as an intern for Lena Dunham’s Girls, but while it may be an exciting opportunity for a 17-year-old, the summer job is already getting the First Daughter a bit of criticism online.

This week, Malia was spotted in Brooklyn, where she is working as an intern on the HBO show. The photos led many to speak out against the connection to Dunham, who can be quite a polarizing figure and has a history of controversial statements.

The internship was slammed by the Young Conservatives, who called out Lena Dunham and Girls in the process.

Dunham has come under fire a number of times, both for her show and for her own views. She was slammed last year after her memoir Not That Kind of Girl appeared to describe an instance of sexual abuse against her younger sister. USA Today noted the controversy, which also led Dunham’s legal team to lash out against publications that re-published the passages.

Even many feminist groups took aim at Dunham.

Lachrista Greco, a member of Guerrilla Feminism, wrote in a Facebook post, “Do I think what Lena Dunham did to her sister was sexual assault? Yes. And to those of you who have defended her heinous actions, YOUR voice is silencing to many commenters who openly discussed their own experiences of incest, sexual assault, etc…. It’s NOT NORMAL. It’s NOT OKAY.”

Dunham has also come under fire for an article in which she appeared to compare Jewish men to dogs, the Guardian noted.

Given the controversies, it caused many people to take notice when Malia Obama signed on to intern with Lena Dunham.

Gothamist also noted the controversy.

“While some famous political offspring are spending their summer vacation investing in hair care products, one of the first daughters is camping down in Brooklyn as an intern on a big time television program…an HBO show…an HBO show starring Lena Dunham…oh dear god, Malia Obama is interning on Girls? Dunham + Obama + America + July 4th + Brooklyn? This is the stuff of conservative conspiracy theorist fever dreams.”

But despite the controversy, Malia Obama won’t be in the internship for long. Shooting for Girls is taking place in Brooklyn, and Malia is expected back in Washington, D.C., by the time school starts in the fall.

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