Ana Trujillo: Candice Delong ‘Facing Evil’ With Stiletto Killer Tonight On Investigation Discovery

Stiletto Killer Ana Trujillo will speak to Candice Delong on tonight’s episode of Facing Evil, a one-hour documentary show that airs on Investigation Discovery at 10/9 central, where Candice Delong comes face to face with some of the most infamous killers in recent times. Tonight’s Facing Evil will profile the case of Ana Trujillo, aka Ana Lilia Fox, a Mexican woman who stabbed her boyfriend to death with a stiletto shoe. The media sensation surrounding the case was massive because it involved a female killer, stiletto shoes, and lots of sex.

Ana Trujillo’s case blew up in 2013, when it was discovered that she had stabbed her boyfriend, Al Stefan Andersson, over 25 times in the head. According to Trujillo, her sometimes violent boyfriend, became too aggressive with her, causing her to lash out in defense. She claims that she didn’t realize that she was hitting him so many times with the shoe.

Neighbors in nearby condos in the Texas high rise reported hearing loud noises and arguing that night. Just hours before, the couple enjoyed a night at Stefan Andersson’s favorite bar. Like always, the two had a nice meal and began having a few drinks. Those drinks would prove to be the very thing that caused both Stefan Andersson and Ana Trujillo to become embroiled in a viscous fight that led to his death.

Stefan Andersson, aka Alf Andersson, was a professor at the University of Houston. Having a reputation of being a great guy, everyone liked being around Stefan, who was often considered the life of the party. Ana liked him, too for the very same reason but stated that after he would start drinking, he would turn into a different person, Ana Trujillo told ABC News.

“Sometimes he would drink so much that he would, like, pass out. All of a sudden, he would wake up, and he would be looking at me, and he would start yelling and screaming… ‘What are you doing? You don’t belong here,’ he would start yelling at me, things that didn’t make any sense to me. I think he wanted to feel like I belonged to him, that I was his,” she said. “He loved me. He said he couldn’t live without me. He was lost. He didn’t want to live without me.”

The jury did not believe that the case was a case of self defense. Ana Trujillo was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Candice Delong’s interview with the stiletto killer takes place inside the correctional facility.

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