Alex Girle, Welfare Mom-Of-Five, Won’t Work Because ‘It Doesn’t Make Sense’

Alex Girle, a welfare mom of five in Australia, doesn’t mince words about her situation.

She would like to work, she says, but it “doesn’t make sense” to do so because when factoring in the childcare she would need to go back to the workforce, she would actually be losing money.

Her situation is one of many to highlight the growing perception of the Land Down Under as a welfare state.

According to a report from Australia’s A Current Affair, Alex earns more than $50,000 a year (tax-free) in the welfare system. As a single mom with five children, one of whom is special needs, it’s barely enough to make ends meet and getting a job would actually be a step backwards.

“I earn almost $1,000 a week in welfare, why would I work for anything less?” Girle said. “It doesn’t make sense to go out and get a job.”

She admits that she can see why people look down on her and others in the welfare system, but insists that if they could walk in her shoes for a week, they would understand why she isn’t working.

In spite of the perceived brazenness in some of the 38-year-old mom’s comments, Alex Girle urges people to understand where she is coming from, noting that she wants to work but it doesn’t make sense for her kids and her situation.

She also wants something better for her children.

“I don’t want them to think they can do like the rest of them around here and get paid for sitting on their backsides,” said Girle of her children.

To hammer that point home, Alex has set up a GoFundMe account to try and raise $13,000, so she can afford to set up a printing and signage business.

In 20 days, she has raised $2,150 of the target.

As for the income math, Girle would be “slightly better off” if she got a job and continued to receive some of the benefits she’s eligible for, but after factoring in a minimum of $500 for ongoing childcare, she would, in fact, be losing money. More details on that in the video below.

Australia isn’t the only country to reveal weaknesses in its welfare system. Recently, the Inquisitr has reported on a number of cases out of the U.K., one of which involves Naica Gibson, who admitted that her children had to do without food sometimes because of the botched breast enhancement surgery she received on the taxpayer’s dime.

Alex Girle has received a considerable amount more sympathy from the public. But what do you think, readers? Is she making excuses, or does she have an acceptable reason to refuse work? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Alex Girle via A Current Affair, linked above]