Shawn Booth Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Shows Off His ‘Boy Band’

Shawn Booth is making a name for himself during this season of The Bachelorette. The nemesis of Nick Viall, and star of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s SnapChat video, is a favorite to get the final rose. But while the show was filming, it’s possible passersby were confused about who Booth and his fellow contestants were, and why they were posing for cameras.

Last week Booth posted this picture to Instagram. Although he doesn’t explain his caption, it’s written in the form of a quote. Perhaps, when the picture was taken, this is what the men overheard.

“I think they’re a boy band.”

Shawn Booth and fellow 'Bachelorette' contestants
(Courtesy of Shawn Booth / Instagram)

Fans of The Bachelorette will recognize the men in the photo, including the just-eliminated Chris “Cupcake” Strandburg and Ben Zorn. Missing from the picture is Viall, whose relationship with the guys has been strained since he entered the season weeks after it had already begun.

The show has emphasized Booth’s dislike of Viall, and that conflict is due to come to a head on Monday night. As the promos reveal, Booth interrupts the rose ceremony. A source told E! Online that he just could not get over the fact that Kaitlyn slept with Nick. The issue seemed to be less about intimacy than Kaitlyn’s choice of partners.

“Shawn just couldn’t get over it. He was obsessed. He was more upset that it was Nick than anything else. He asked Kaitlyn, ‘Why him?’ He didn’t understand why, out of all the guys, it was Nick she had to sleep with.”

As for Nick, he wasn’t too pleased with Shawn either. The same source told E! Online that he was frustrated at Shawn’s seeming inability to become friendly with him, even so far as referring to him as “The Other Guy.”

“Nick felt he had tried to get to know him and was rebuffed at every turn. He didn’t have any respect for the way Shawn was handling himself. Shawn never gave him a chance.”

The men never make amends, according to the source.

Chris Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! blog that the upcoming format changes — Kaitlyn will have overnight dates with three men before meeting the families of the final two — were necessary because of Kaitlyn’s journey. The result is that on Monday night, as more men get the boot, “things are about to get even crazier.”

The Bachelorette airs on ABC.

[Main photos courtesy of ABC]