‘Arrow’ Season 4 Spoilers: Stephen Amell Teases What’s Next For Olicity And More

At the end of Arrow Season 3, fans saw Oliver Queen drive off into the sunset with Felicity. This looked like a major game changer for the series, and it left fans to wonder what would happen next on the series.

Stephen Amell has teased a few things in recent interviews and on Facebook, but his teases have been very cryptic in nature. In a new interview with the TV Junkies, he shared a few more teasers about Oliver and Felicity and the action fans will see once the series returns.

Oliver and Felicity left Starling City behind when they ran off together, and it is likely that the pair will still be off together when the series pick up the action when the series returns in October.

“Well they’ve been away. They are away and I believe they are still away when we get going again.”

That will be after a time jump of several months, which follows the pattern of previous Arrow seasons. Amell also teased that Oliver and Felicity do have a chance at being happy together. The pair did fight hard to get where they are now, but it did warn that “time will tell” for the couple as well.

Amell teased a bit more about Arrow Season 4 in the interview. The show will feel a bit different for the fans, according to the actor.

“It still feels like our show but there are different elements that I think people are going to enjoy. We get to see some characters interact that weren’t always the closest of friends or interacting on a regular basis which is neat when you’re doing new stuff in the fourth season of a show.”

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Amell teased that he would like to see the series focus on some of the other characters, including Thea and Laurel. Fans will see the Red Arrow in time.

As for the cast of Arrow, fans will be relieved to know that John Barrowman is staying with the series. TV Line reported that the actor retained his regular cast status recently. Fans will see what is next for the new leader of the League of Assassins.

Fans will learn even more about Arrow at Comic-Con. For now, the spoilers have been very vague. Arrow will return to CW this October. Are you excited to see what happens next to Oliver and his friends?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]