Is Holly Madison Angry Because She Doesn’t Have A Stake In ‘Playboy’?

Is Holly Madison out for revenge? That’s what Kendra Wilkinson would have fans believe.

The feud between Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson contines to rage on, with Wilkinson taking the most recent shot on Friday. The feud between the former Playboy Playmates began weeks ago when Wilkinson said that Madison’s memoir was inaccurate.

Like she has in previous interviews, Wilkinson once again spoke out against the allegations Madison made in her book, defending Hugh Hefner and the Playboy organization. While speaking to People on Friday, Wilkinson alleged that Madison is out to ruin Hefner.

“Hef is the most amazing human being. Behind the scenes, people that actually know the truth are laughing their asses off. This is not even real. (Holly Madison) is out for revenge.”

The feud between Wilkinson and Madison began when excerpts surfaced, proving that Madison’s memoir painted a less-than-flattering picture of her time spent in the company of Hugh Hefner and the other Playboy playmates while living on the Playboy compound. For example, in her book, Madison said Wilkinson had a “hustler mentality.”

Madison’s memoir, which is called Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, calls her time in the mansion the worst period of her life, and Holly Madison even says that, during that time, she thought about committing suicide. The book was published on June 23 and has been on the best-seller lists ever since.

Soon after promotional descriptions of the book were made available, Kendra Wilkinson shot back at Holly Madison, saying that Madison was attempting to make Hefner appear in a negative light simply because Madison didn’t get what she wanted out of the whole Playboy deal.

“The one thing (Holly Madison) truly wanted was a piece of that stock, a piece of Playboy and a piece of Hef’s will. She considers herself a failure because she did whatever it took to get that and she didn’t get what she wanted in return.”

Madison, now 35, was Hugh Hefner’s main girlfriend while she lived in the Playboy Mansion. Kendra Wilkinson lived alongside Madison and a third playmate, Bridget Marquardt — all of whom starred together on the E! reality TV series The Girls Next Door. The show ran from 2005-2010, though Madison and Wilkinson both left in 2008.

Like Madison, Wilkinson wrote a memoir in 2010 about her time in the the Playboy Mansion called Sliding into Home. Unlike Holly Madison, Wilkinson’s memoir was largely favorable in regards to the Playboy experience.

See Holly Madison talk about her relationship with Kendra Wilkinson below.

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