Dominique Cottrez: Killer Of Eight Newborns Learns Fate, And Many Are Furious About It

Dominique Cottrez, convicted killer of eight newborns, has learned her fate, and for many, it’s almost as infuriating as the crimes themselves.

The Inquisitr first reported on Cottrez in late June of 2015, and at that time, French authorities had charged her with suffocating eight of her newborn babies.

Cottrez told officials that all eight of the newborns were a result of an incestuous affair with her father. The bodies of two of the babies were discovered back in 2010 in the family’s garden in the town of Villers-au-Tertre. The other six babies were kept by Cottrez in plastic bins inside the family home.

She admitted to authorities that she carried all eight newborns to term and suffocated them after birth. The babies were killed between 1989 and 2007.

Cottrez said her obesity hid the fact that she was ever pregnant. Even her husband, Pierre-Marie, and her two daughters were also unaware of the pregnancies.

According to what Cottrez told investigators, she became pregnant with all eight babies during a long incestuous affair with her father, Oscar Lempereur, a farmer. She says the affair began when she was just a child, starting with a rape when she was only eight years old.

Now, a report from the New York Post reveals all of that was made up. Dominique Cottrez confessed that the story was one she fabricated. Nevertheless, a jury believed “her judgment was impaired at the time of the killings” and only sentenced her to nine years, or one for each baby and an additional year for emphasis.

Her daughters — Emeline, 28, and Virginie, 27 — begged the court not to send their mother to prison for the crimes, noting that she had already “spent two years in prison for temporary detention at the beginning of the investigation, and was then released from jail in 2012,” the news site adds.

Cottrez is said to suffer from obesity and “proven neuroses,” according to prosecutor Eric Vaillant, who argued for the jury to grant her “extenuating circumstances.”

The final outcome of this story has many outraged, and they didn’t hesitate to let those thoughts be known on Facebook.

“This is disgusting… I don’t give a s*** if your [sic] white black man or woman if you hurt or kill a child you deserve to die a horrible death,” said Laura DeLuke.

Nelda Bough Eddy agreed.

“9 years are you freaking serious? This woman should get the death penalty. Babies lives matter but they have absolutely no rights, born or unborn! We live in such a sick twisted world. I hope every person who was responsible for this sentence has vivid nightmares for the rest of their lives! This is sickening!!”

“[Nine] years only, are you kidding me? Doesn’t France have death by guillotine anymore?” asked Karen Oden. “They should reinstate it!”

Do you think the French courts got it right on Dominique Cottrez, or was this a miscarriage of justice? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Dominique Cottrez via Facebook]