Apple Says Its 95% Compliant Regarding Worker Hours

Apple has come under increased scrutiny in recent months for allowing suppliers, specifically Foxconn, to run an operation in which employees were being forced to work sometimes upwards of 70 hours per week. Now the company says that it has increased its compliancy to 95 percent.

Recent reports in January put the companies work hour compliance at just 84% which was pushed to upwards of 89% in February and then 95 percent last month.

Apple has been attempting to create better tracking systems for supplier facilities in order to understand exactly how its suppliers are operating. Under Apple’s core group of employees the company oversees 500,000 workers and with new plants openings and operations ramping up Apple will now have to realize tracking practices for nearly 800,000 people.

According to Electronista:

“Compliance is 91 percent under the expanded scrutiny.”

Falling under compliant conditions is more important to Apple now than it has ever been in the past. A few months ago Apple joined the Fair Labor Association and a recent report from that group found that the tech giant was in volation of some serious abuses. In some cases those abuses by the tech powerhouse included the violation of local Chinese law.

While some Foxconn workers have hailed the move to better hours with the same pay they were receive while working nearly 70 hours per week, other employees have feared that they won’t make a livable wage if they can’t receive overtime pay for their efforts.

Do you think Apple is acting more responsibly lately when it comes to workers rights in foreign countries?