‘True Detective’ Season 2: Photos From The Set May Answer Fans’ Burning Questions About Major Cliffhanger, Episode 3 Preview [Spoilers]

Things are already shaking up on True Detective, and we are only two episodes into the second season. The end of the latest installment featured a cliffhanger with the apparent death of Ray Velcoro, played by Collin Ferrel. But with it being so early in the season is it possible that Ray is really dead?

In the latest episode, titled Night Finds You, Ray was busy searching the hidden residence of Ben Caspere when he was shot. The scene appeared to be deadly and left many fans wondering if this was already the end for Ferrel’s character.

Despite the fact that Ray appeared to absorb some fatal gunshots, there are several reasons why he might still be alive. First, some images from the production of this season suggest that there are still some scenes Ray has yet to appear in.

Back in February, the Daily Mail leaked some images of the filming of Season 2, which depicted Ray and Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch) exchanging gunfire in a big shootout in Los Angeles. Logically, since this scene has yet to happen, it’s likely that Ray will make it through the gunshot wounds he received in the last episode.

However, it should be noted that there is another explanation for the prior scene between Ray and Paul. That scene could very well be a flashback to an earlier encounter between the two characters. While this could be the case, it is not very likely due to the fact that the two characters have no known connection with each other. The other possibility is that HBO decided to cut the scene for some reason. Again, this is probably not likely but it should be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, HBO has released a trailer that offers a little more insight into the coming episode. Although Ray is absent from the video, his lieutenant is shown telling Rachel McAdams’ Detective Antigone that one of his men was shot. He doesn’t mention anything about Ray being murdered, only that he was shot.

At the same time, the official synopsis for the episode states that Paul is busy looking into the prostitute angle. All the while, Frank (Vince Vaughn) encounters a casualty in his secret war and is forced to return to a way of life he thought he had left behind.

Find out what happens to Ray when the next episode of True Detective, “Maybe Tomorrow,” airs July 5 on HBO and check out a preview below.

[Image Courtesy: True Detective Facebook]