‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 2 Nominations Are In For ‘BB17’

Big Brother 17 spoilers for Week 2 are already in. The BB17 nominations took place overnight, and now the Battle of the Block competition has taken place as well. It’s almost like a fast-forward version of the week inside the house, as the contestants are getting footage filmed before the holiday weekend. A report from fan site Big Brother Network early Friday (July 3) reveals who the four nominees are for eviction. Fans watching the live feeds play out late Thursday (July 2) may have seen this coming though.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Thursday night episode of Big Brother revealed the Twin Twist (it’s Liz and Julia Nolan) as well as the two new Heads of Household. Shelli Poole and Becky Burgess took the titles for Week 2 and immediately went into planning mode. The BB17 house was very frantic as the two ladies each met with all the other houseguests to feel out where the game was heading. It also included Shelli and Becky agreeing to work together in the same fashion that Jason Roy and James Huling did in Week 1.

As for the most notable Big Brother 17 spoilers from Week 2, Becky nominated Jason and Steve Moses for eviction, while Shelli nominated John McGuire and Da’Vonne Rogers for elimination. This was a great way to create some drama in the house, especially since two of the nominees are on the block for a second time (Steve and John). As for how Da’Vonne took having the BB17 house seemingly turn against her, the quick response would be not well. But she is not the target.

In a later report from Big Brother Network, it was revealed that Becky Burgess is no longer a Head of Household. She was dethroned at the Week 2 BOB, leaving Shelli Poole in charge of the BB17 house. This means that the official nominees for eviction are now Da’Vonne and John moving forward. The twist here is that Shelli is looking to get Audrey Middleton evicted from the house. Audrey may not have a chance to play in the Week 2 Veto, possibly leading to an eviction vote similar to what Jace Agolli just went through.

It’s exciting that all these Big Brother 17 spoilers have come out before the weekend even hits, likely giving the house very little time to actually build up drama. The Week 2 Veto will take place shortly as well, with results coming in before the next BB17 episode on Sunday (July 5).

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]