‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Character Bitten By A Walker?

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers are rolling in even though it won’t return to television until October. However, the season is currently filming, and it seems that one of the characters could possibly be bitten by a walker.

According to Design & Trend, fans watched as Michael Cudlitz filmed a scene for The Walking Dead Season 6 recently in Atlanta, and it appears that his character Abraham could be in serious danger.

Onlookers say that Abraham will stumble across some military walkers caught on a fence. One of the walkers will have a big gun strapped to its back, and Abraham will try to steal the weapon for himself. However, the situation turns dangerous when the walker begins flailing its arms and possibly bites Abe.

Fans watching say they heard Michael Cudlitz scream and place his hand over his body. He was then shielded by umbrellas and taken back to his trailer. Ten minutes later, he emerged still being shielded and then got into his car and sped away without waving to fans like usual.

However, Abraham isn’t the only character allegedly in danger during The Walking Dead Season 6. Fans are also worried about Glenn and Maggie, Hollywood Take reports. New photos show both Glenn Rhee and wife Maggie Green holding guns and looking a bit beat up, meaning there could be trouble for the fan-favorite characters.

Glenn is the one of the few remaining cast members from Season 1 of the show, along with Rick, Carl, and Daryl Dixon. It would be a huge blow and shocking if he were to die. Viewers would be heartbroken to see he and Maggie go through even more tragedy, as Maggie has already lost her entire family, including her father Hershel and sister Beth. Could she handle another devastating loss?

Meanwhile, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans are most worried that Norman Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, could bite the dust. Daryl has become arguably the most popular character on the show, and killing him would start a war among Walking Dead fans.

However, the story is set in the zombie apocalypse, and no matter how long Rick’s group survives, something will inevitably kill them at some point, whether it is illness from lack of medical care, starvation from lack of food and water, other survivors, or the dreaded walkers. No one is safe in this new world, and the fans are fully aware that their favorite character could die at any time.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead spoilers?

[Photo Credit: AMC]