Hot New ‘NotGTAV’ Game Is ‘GTA V’ Parody And UK Satire For A Cause, Featured Title On Steam

It seems Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is finally getting upstaged by a new title on Steam, Not GTA V. GTA V fans beware because reviews of new game Not GTA V are getting better by the minute, and the game is already actually on the featured new releases at the Steam website.

Supposedly a parody of GTA V, Not GTA V is a very simple game developed by Not Games just released on July 2. While it was supposedly named as a lampoon of GTA V, Not GTA V’s gameplay is not at all like GTA V. Not GTA V plays like the classic Snake game, only with hand-drawn art, home-made sound effects, and with a touch of United Kingdom satire.

Kotaku reports that Not GTA V is already making quite a name for itself. Ever since Not GTA V’s release, Steam lists the game as the top-selling popular new release title at the online store.

The developers recently explained the nature of Not GTA V.

“This game is a parody. It is definitely, positively and (hopefully) legally, not the game Grand Theft Auto Five. Sure, it’s called NotGTAV, but those letters stand for Great Traffic Adventure and the V is silent. Like the one in “lawsuit” (which, you’ll notice, is also invisible). This short tour of the glories of the UK’s M4 corridor is easy to play, hard to master, addictive, very funny, and cheap.”

While the involvement of GTA V’s name in the game has been stark, it is hilariously ironic that Not GTA V is not in any way like the famous GTA game — not the graphics, the gameplay, the characters, or the premise. And Wired writes, developer Not Games’ lengthy explanation of Not GTA V basically amounts to “Rockstar, don’t sue us.”

The only other similarity between GTA V and Not GTA V, other than the title, appears at the start of the game. The player is able to choose from three characters — Daffyd, Darren, or David Cameron. The player will start with a tractor riding around Wales, overrunning campers on campsites, and then unlocks the more interesting rounds. The first unlockable round is Swindon, filled to the brim with thieves, and the second round is David Cameron chasing votes, running down “benefits scroungers,” and dodging protesters. Political satire at its finest.

NotGTAV gameplay

And underneath all the satire and laughs, it is interesting to note that Not GTA V is actually made to support a cause. The developers announced that 100 percent of the profits from Not GTA V will go to Peer Productions, a charity to encourage young people in the UK to get involved in theatre and the arts.

Not GTA V is available for Linux, Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. As of writing, Not GTA V is listed on Steam at 75 percent discount, down to a very cheap $0.74.

[Images via Steam]