Pedro Pascal: The Red Viper is Coming! From ‘Game Of Thrones’ To ‘The Great Wall’

Pedro Pascal, the Chilean-born actor beloved for his rich portrayal of short-lived Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones, is set to hit the big screen on November 23, 2016. Pascal will co-star in the upcoming major motion picture The Great Wall.

According to the Los Angeles Times, much of the plot on this joint American/Chinese production is absolutely hush-hush. Some details about the cast have been confirmed.

Pedro Pascal, the GoT actor who won worldwide fans as the Red Viper, will perform the role of Pero Tovar. Tovar was described as a “swordsman with the flair of a bullfighter” who makes his way to China alongside main character William Garin, a European mercenary played by Matt Damon. Willam Dafoe was also confirmed to headline.

Pascal has been tweeting and Instagramming his travels to China, hamming it up on the Great Wall and channeling the cocky thrill-seeking Oberyn as if the Martell prince had been mercifully rescued from his shockingly bloody skull-implosion fate courtesy of The Mountain, whisked through time, plucked from fantasy, and granted a fedora.

Kudos to the popular Pascal for landing this role.

(A) The movie is a fantasy that weaponizes the Great Wall of China against invading man-devouring monsters created by the VFX talents of Industrial Light & Magic and Weta Workshop.

(B) The budget is a whopping $150 million.

(C) This film could make history as the first successful joint venture in Chinese and American movie making, according to the Los Angeles Times.

(D) Matt Damon, sporting a ponytail during a press conference for the film as reported in the Inquisitr, referred to The Great Wall as “the biggest movie I’ve ever been involved with.”

These scripts, posted by Pascal to Instagram, seem to give a little insight into each individual respective actor’s study method.

Pascal fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Entertainment Weekly reported Wednesday that a fanged Pascal will appear in Bloodsucking B*stards. The project by Scream Factory Films will be released September 4 and feature Pedro as Max, the sales manager who sets his teeth into working “everyone to death.”

He is currently set to star as Javier Pena on the Netflix original series Narcos, a show that chronicles the life of Pablo Escobar, as detailed on IMDb. The show will premiere on August 28.

And the projects continue, as Pedro is the executive producer on an indie film in the works entitled Virtually, a dramedy about a lonely female writer who experiments with a pair of virtual reality glasses that allow her to see and interact with attractive men who do not exist.

Pedro has performed in a series of other theater, film, and television roles. He appeared on Homeland, The Mentalist, Graceland, and more.

It was Pedro Pascal’s appearance on Game of Thrones that make him a worldwide sensation, and after The Great Wall premieres, it is more than likely that this actor will move mountains of fans with his performance.

[Photo courtesy of Jesse Grant and China Photos/Getty Images]