Kate Middleton: Unfaltering Mother Carole Remains The ‘Unstoppable’ Grandma

Previously an air hostess and an obvious unfailingly hard worker, Kate Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton, has proven just how committed, determined, and excited she is to be the best grandmother possible to her little royal grandbabies. What’s more, she couldn’t care less about what opinions there are flying around about her “attempts” at climbing the social ladder.

The Daily Beast highlights the history that has instilled such a steadfast and driven spirit in the woman who will one day be the Mother of the Queen.

“[Middleton] whose great-grandfather was a miner—an exceptional and ambitious individual who left the safety of his pit hometown and headed to London, retraining as a carpenter in search of a better life for his family—is the single most important influence on Prince George apart from his parents.”

The obvious involvement that Carole Middleton has in the lives of Kate and William’s children demonstrates just how thoroughly the couple trust Carole, as she has clearly won the title of the more present grandparent. It is perceived as though both Kate and William had a role to play in selecting Carole’s ongoing assistance as opposed to the assistance of William’s father, Charles and wife Camilla. Carole Middleton has quite obviously been an enormous help to the young couple after the birth of each child, and it has been reported that she has taken up a semi-permanent residence at Anmer Hall to be as hands on as possible.

Publications such as Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that Carole Middleton is attempting to “defy” the royal protocol by her thorough involvement in Kate and Will’s lives as well as the lives of their children. However, Carole, in the eyes of her friends, is unmoved and unconcerned by these suggestions.

An acquaintance of Mrs. Middleton reflected on her determined nature, the Daily Beast notes.

“Carole’s pretty hard to faze. She never really cared about the whole ‘doors-to-manual’ thing. You don’t build a business like she has being a sensitive flower. She is also deeply practical. That’s why Kate likes having her around so much—she just takes care of all the details.”

The mother to the Duchess of Cambridge was born into extreme poverty to a couple who fought their hardest to make a better life for their children. The attitude and determination that the Middleton’s clearly had, obviously were transferred to their daughter who now influences Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Kate’s mother Carole has made the largest of all social class leaps from shopkeeper’s daughter to the role model for royalty. A friend to Carole chimed in and offered an assessment of Mrs. Middleton to the publication.

“Carole is untroubled by self-doubt. She couldn’t really care less if people think she is an arriviste or a social climber. Her focus is all about Kate, William, George, and Charlotte.”

[Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]