Durban Man Has Lucky Escape As Car Crashes Through His Roof

A man in Durban had a very lucky escape early Wednesday when a pickup truck, or “bakkie” as it is known in South Africa, crashed through his roof while he was sleeping.

Preferring to remain unnamed and wishing to avoid an interview, the KwaMakhutha man was said to have changed bedrooms on Wednesday evening because of a burned out light bulb in his normal room. That burned out light bulb saved his life and gave him his lucky escape.

The man was fast asleep when the pickup crashed into his home, bringing part of the roof down in the process.

According to witnesses, the Isuzu pickup literally “flew off the road and crashed into a house”. Police spokesman for the area, Jay Naicker, said that the driver fled following the accident.

Workers had to remove the wall of the bedroom to remove the pickup, which revealed that the vehicle had landed on the empty bed the owner normally used.

According to ER24 spokesman Pieter Rossouw, paramedics who attended the scene were amazed there were no injuries in the unusual vehicle accident and that the owner of the house had such a lucky escape.

Vehicle crash
A house owner had a lucky escape when a pickup crashed through his roof while he slept.

The police report of the accident contrasted with Rossouw’s report that the driver had told him “he drove over a ‘ramp’ of some sort, which led him to collide with the house.”

Roussouw confirmed there was one person in the house at the time of the accident who appeared shaken from his lucky escape and simply shook his head in disbelief.

Witnesses at the scene say the driver was a minor, but this has not been confirmed. They said the vehicle was speeding and veered off when its driver failed to negotiate a bend in the road. The vehicle then hit a water meter and went across a ditch and a wire fence before crashing through the roof of the house.

According to IOL, one witness said, “I just think his ancestors were with him.”

“There is no other way of explaining this. He must go down on his knees and be grateful to God. I’m still shocked.”

She did add that she was lucky that it wasn’t her house that got hit and that she had a lucky escape herself for that reason.

Meanwhile there will hopefully be out huge insurance payout for the owner of the house after his lucky escape.

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[Images: ER24]