Justin Bieber Climbs A Tree At Hillsong Conference Before Fans Mobbed Singer

“JustinBiberSatanista” is the top worldwide trend on Twitter on Friday, mainly because of Beliebers taking to the social network to correct the misspelling. Apparently, the origin of the ridiculous hashtag is a Brazilian troll.

Kids will be kids.

One fan expressed extreme displeasure over the hashtag, posting the following erudite message.

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber turned heads on Thursday when he climbed a tree while making his way to the Hillsong Conference in Sydney, Australia.

The 21-year-old singer was accompanied by model pal Hailey Baldwin, other friends, and security, as they made their way to the Allphones Arena in Sydney’s Olympic Park, where the Pentecostal church’s five-day conference is being held.

A mix of screaming fans and paparazzi looked on as the Biebs suddenly started climbing a tree. It’s unclear whether the Canadian took to the branches because he felt threatened by the crowd, or felt whimsical.

Either way, “Justin Bieber climbs a tree at Hillsong Conference” is the headline in multiple articles today.

Numerous fans and photogs videoed the “Where Are U Now” singer climbing one sturdy tree, while wearing a red-and-black plaid hooded jacket, black top, black skinny jeans, and white Vans sneakers. Justin is seen negotiating his way from one branch to another while trying not to fall.

On the fan-made compilation of videos below, Beliebers can be heard either oohing and aahing, warning Bieber to hold on, or crying hysterically.

At one point during the clip, Bieber tells fans “you guys have, like, crazy spiders here.” At another, he pretended to almost jump.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: Justin Bieber holding onto a tree while fans looked on, on the last day of the Sydney Conference last week)
Justin Bieber
(Photo: The singer perhaps contemplating a jump)
Justin Bieber
(Photo: The Biebs eyes a higher branch)

As reported, Justin and Hailey arrived separately in Australia early Monday morning. Both are regular attendees of Hillsong Church’s Los Angeles and New York City locations. The heartthrob previously revealed he sought out the guidance of Pastor Carl Lentz (who co-founded and co-pastors the NYC site), and The City Church’s Pastor Judah Smith, to help him step out of his turbulent 2013-14. Bieber has known both men since 2008.

Back in late October, Justin stayed at the family home of Lentz, his wife Laura, and three children, as the singer began to reconnect back to his Christian faith. During the Sydney conference, Australian press reported he interrupted an interview that Lentz held with one news outlet to credit the pastor as someone who “changed” his life.

For his part, Lentz told the Daily Telegraph that after making “spectacular mistakes,” that the singer came halfway round the world to make sure “his heart is right.”

Justin subsequently posted a message on Instagram, seemingly inspired by his time at the conference. He shared a note alluding to his past troubles, writing, “There are some things you can only learn in the valley and not on the mountain top. Justin Bieber.”

After the daytime worship session at the Hillsong Conference on Thursday, the Biebs was mobbed by fans as left the arena with and their group. Australian fans took to social media to post reveals of the mayhem.


— @kidrauhlsSMG) July 3, 2015

Justin blew fans a kiss as he was driven out of the Allphones Arena parking lot.

[Images via Madmax Pepito/Splash News/Instagram]