Young Girl Found Dead In Trash Bag — Police Desperate To Identify Her

The Massachusetts state police are attempting to identify the body of a young girl that was found on the western shore of Deer Island in Winthrop, a peninsula in Boston Harbor opposite Logan Airport. They have released new photos. A dog walker found the body on June 25. The girl is thought to be approximately four years old and was found with a fleece blanket and wrapped in a trash bag, according to ABC News.

Authorities have released new pictures in the hope that someone will recognize the girl and identify her. The computer-generated composite image was prepared by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and depicts what she might have looked like when alive, according to Yahoo News.

Police stated that the girl had brown hair and brown eyes. She weighed about 30 pounds and stood about three feet six inches tall. Photos of the leggings she was wearing, which were white with large dark polka dots, and the zebra-striped blanket she had were also released.

tights, Photo Courtesy Massachusetts State Police

Dave Procopio, the director of media relations for the state police, indicated that there were no signs of trauma. However, the cause of death has not yet been determined. Procopio told ABC News that he was surprised no family members have come forward.

blanket, Photo Courtesy Massachusetts State Police

State police, local police, and the District Attorney’s Office are investigating. Police have received several dozen tips. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Massachusetts state police at 508-820-2121.

Unfortunately, there have been many abusive acts on young people in the news. Carl Wheatley, 31, was a father who won custody of his four-year-old daughter so he could claim more financial benefits. She was in foster care previously. A court heard the evidence which included his beating the girl to death just two months later.

He admitted in court to killing his daughter, Alexa-Marie Quinn, in March 2014, but denied it was murder. The St. Albans Crown Court heard the following evidence. Wheatley beat his toddler daughter so badly that he caused several of her teeth to fall out. He even conducted internet searches regarding how to reduce swelling and what glue can I use to put teeth back in. A judge called the “final and fatal” attack on the young girl “relentless and sadistic to a horrifying degree.” He sentenced Wheatley to a minimum of 21 years in jail according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photos Courtesy Massachusetts State Police]