Adobe Flash Player: Why You Really Need To Update This Time

Your Adobe Flash Player has to be updated now for your own good.

According to the BBC a new update has been released for Adobe Flash Player after “a serious vulnerability” was found. Adobe has “urged people to update their software immediately,” the BBC said.

Computer Business Review says the flaw in the older Adobe Flash Player version allows hackers to gain control over a computer system.

Cyber-criminals using Angler and Magnitude, two tool kits that can deliver any virus, malware, spyware, and ransomware to host computers, can exploit the Flash Player defect to ruin your computer in any way they want to.

Cyber-security firm FireEye recently reported that Chinese hacking group APT3 has been exploiting the Flash Player defect by sending phishing email (emails sent with the intention to acquire sensitive data belonging to the recipient) to organizations in the aerospace, defense, construction, engineering, high tech, telecommunications, and transportation industries.

FireEye said the phishing emails “were extremely generic in nature, almost appearing to be spam.”

Adobe responded to the reports about the flaw by releasing an update to its Flash Player.

“Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux,” it said in its Adobe Security Bulletin.

The bulletin mentioned that those who use its Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime for Windows and Macintosh should update to version, users of Adobe Flash Player Extended Support Release should update to version, and Adobe Flash Player users for Linux are to update to

It also stated that the Adobe Flash Player installed with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x “will automatically update to version” You should still check to make sure that the update actually does go through for your own computer’s security.

Many people have been annoyed, however, by the constant need to update their Adobe Flash Player.

One Twitter user, who goes by the name of Tom Jamieson, expressed his frustration with the need to update Flash Player in a rather comical but pessimistic tone.


Dippy Blonder criticized “Adobe Flash Player Engineers” for the frequency by which users are required to update the software.


New York’s DJ Geespin also asked Adobe why they send out an update “every other day.”


German journalist Sebastian Standke decided to delay the thought of updating his Adobe Flash Player.


Others, including Taran Van Hemert, voiced their anger at being tricked into downloading software they don’t want while updating Adobe Flash Player.


What’s your take? Is the never-ending need to update Adobe Flash Player really worth it?

[Image is a screenshot of the publicly accessible website of the Adobe Flash Player Download]