Hema Malini Accident: Veteran Bollywood Actress Injured In Car Crash That Left One Child Dead

Popular Bollywood actress Hema Malini, also known as the “Dream Girl” of the yesteryears, was injured in a car crash. The accident, which reportedly happened near the village of Dausa — located about 40 miles from the Northern Indian city of Jaipur — also resulted in the death of a child. According to the Times of India, Hema Malini, who also happens to be a politician, was travelling in her official car when the accident happened. The car was driven by her driver and was speeding, initial reports say. The car, a Mercedes Benz, crashed in to a Suzuki Alto, in which the child who died was travelling.

Hema Malini was not seriously hurt in the accident, but she did receive a gash on her forehead and injuries to her leg and back. She was bleeding profusely and was later taken to a local hospital, after which she was administered first aid. The news of the accident was widely talked about on Twitter. Several people shared images of the veteran actress on Twitter and other social media websites.

According to a senior police official, identified as Rajinder Tyagi, the cause of the accident has been blamed on the driver of Hema Malini’s car. However, he added that the driver of the Alto could also be at fault, as he was not careful enough while entering the section of the highway where the accident took place. The cause of the accident would only be determined after a formal inquiry happens.

“I am being told the Mercedes was speeding. It drove over the divider,” Rajinder Tyagi to NDTV News.

Meanwhile, staff at the local hospital in Jaipur where Hema was treated said she was able to walk unaided and did not look badly injured. She did receive a few stitches near her nose, they added.

Initial reports add that Hema Malini was traveling to Jaipur from her own constituency of Mathura when the car crash took place.

Hema Malini is also the second wife of veteran Indian superstar Dharmendra. The couple has two daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol. Esha is also a popular actress, like her mother.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]