Starving Dog In Australia Ate Dead Owner’s Leg To Survive

A starving dog, locked up in the home with his dead owner for at least a month, ended up eating the man’s leg to survive.

A 49-year-old Geelong man was found dead in his home after not being seen by neighbors for four weeks. He appears to have been friendless as while no one had seen the man in all that time, no one had checked up on him.

According to local police, officers were called to a house on Sparks Road in Norlane Tuesday to perform a welfare check, as neighbors complained that a dog was barking constantly inside the home.

The Mirror Online reports that Sergeant David Magner, a spokesman for the police, confirmed that they had found the man dead in the home, along with his starving dog, but there were no suspicious circumstances relating to the death.

The man’s starving dog, not being able to exit from the house, had literally been forced to eat one of his owner’s legs and had started gnawing the other.

Magher told the Geelong Advertiser, “Police looked through the door at the rear of the house and saw a male on the bed.

“His right leg was missing and the other gnawed to the bone.”

“The dog inside the unit appeared to be extremely aggressive so council rangers were called in to restrain it.”

After restraining the starving dog, it was apparently taken to the Geelong Animal Welfare Services where its future will be assessed.

Speaking of the fact that the man was left dead with his starving dog for so long without anyone missing him, Kylie Fisher, a councillor with the City of Greater Geelong said that “Geelong is a very friendly community.”

“Let’s all make sure we continue to check up on our neighbors, especially our elderly.”

Efforts will now be made locally to try and avoid such incidents in the future and to alert emergency services to at-risk residents in the area.

The man’s name has not been released and the starving dog’s breed is also unknown.

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[Image: Vicious dog, not the one in the story, CC by 2.0 State Farm]