Seinfeld’s Acura Super Bowl Ad Requested ‘Not Too Dark’ African American Actor [Video]

Are you a light skinned black person? You would have been perfect for Jerry Seinfeld’s 2012 Acura Super Bowl commercial.

The casting call for the commercial was recently leaked online by an actor who was “pissed” he didn’t get the part because he “didn’t fit the profile.” What profile? According to the casing call Acura was looking for a “nice looking, friendly, not too dark” person to play an “African American Car Dealer.”

Jalopnik spoke with someone at the casting agency who said that the “not too dark” description was added because a dark skinned person would have made “lighting and special effects would get tricky.” But the scene with the “not too dark” actor takes place on a well lit showroom floor without any special effects.

The Daily Mail reports that the black actor was only on screen for about seven seconds during the minute long commercial and only says 14 words. The commercial, which cost more than $7 million to make, has been viewed more than 18 million times on Youtube and was played during the Super Bowl in 2012.

Here’s an image of the casting call.

casting call

Here’s the Acura Super Bowl ad.