Louboutin Doesn’t Care That Your Feet Hurt In His Heels

Christian Louboutin high heels are meant to look elegant and high fashion, they are not designed to give women comfort in design, that is the message Christian Louboutin delivered in an interview with Grazia magazine this week.

Speaking to the fashion mag Christian says of the shoes:

“High heels are pleasure with pain … If you can’t walk in them, don’t wear them.”

The world famous designer then goes on to point out how the shoes have been successfully worn by some of the world’s top acts and their backups:

“If Tina Turner and Prince’s back-up band can perform on stage in them for three hours, you can’t tell me they are impossible to walk in.”

When asked if some sort of heel would ever be created for men so they can compete with women towering over them in a pair of Louboutin’s the designer said:

“‘Men in high heels? That’s a prosthesis. But I sympathise. Women have these giant heels. They get taller and taller. The men need help, but a man in heels is ridiculous.”

How he would go about offering an alternative to men Christian did not reveal.

Also in his interview the famed designer finally opens up about his Louboutin shoes trademark red bottom, according to the designer his first shoes arrived back from the manufacturer but they didn’t quite match his design so he used red nail polish to give them a bit of flair and the rest is of course cemented in the annals of fashion history.