Lifetime Greenlights A ‘Melrose Place’ Tell All Film

Looks like Lifetime is taking on yet another 90s show we loved and turning it on its head. Lifetime has decided to greenlight a behind-the-scenes exposé on the 90s favorite, Melrose Place.

This isn’t the first time Lifetime has done this sort of thing. If you remember, they did an unauthorized Saved By The Bell movie, and also made Aaliyah and Whitney Houston subjects of their own films. They also recently announced that Full House was getting their own unauthorized film, and their comically bad casting choices were widely discussed.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the drama that might be covered comes from interviews from original cast members, including Marcia Cross, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Thomas Calabro, Andrew Shue, and Josie Bissett. By now, it’s known that there were some juicy things going on behind the scenes, so it sounds like Lifetime will have their work cut out for them.

A source told Us Weekly, “Drawing from true stories and anecdotes from interviews with the original cast and crew, The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story will highlight the remarkable behind-the-scenes moments that shaped the series — from early casting drama and Heather Locklear arriving to ‘save’ Melrose Place to the actors begging its writers for even wilder story lines to make them fan favorites.”

The made-for-TV movie will be directed by Mark Griffiths, who has directed A Novel Romance and June in January. Melrose Place was so beloved that the CW tried to make Melrose Place 2.0, which ran for one season before getting the axe. The original Melrose Place, which is what the film is being based on, ran from 1992 to 1999.

So far, we don’t know when The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story is airing.

Here’s a few responses about the Melrose Place movie.


— austin (@rehabpromises) July 1, 2015

@EW @lifetimetv they are going to do this for every tv show ever made! When will it stop?!

— w smothers (@WSmothers) July 1, 2015

What do you think about Lifetime making a made for TV movie on Melrose Place?

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