Offers A Second Chance With A Brand New Look

Since its inception in 2004, Gmail has been working to make a name for itself as the best email inbox in the biz, and it hasn’t disappointed. Now, is offering users a second chance, and it comes with a brand new look.

Undo Send Button

We’ve all sent emails that we regretted sending the second we sent them. Whether you sent it to the wrong person or simply said a few choice words you wish you hadn’t, once it was sent, there was nothing you could do.

Until now. users can unsend an email after they send it, thanks to the “Undo Send” button that is now becoming an official part of Gmail’s free features.

The Undo Send button has been a part of Gmail Labs since 2009, but it required a court order to employ it. Now anyone using a web browser can enable the handy button simply by going into the “General” tab in settings.

How does it work? Well, it doesn’t simply delete the email from the recipient’s inbox. It allows you to set up a delay, which ranges from five to 30 seconds, before it sends the message. That way, you have plenty of time to rethink the message and make any edits before sending.

Wallpapers and More

In other news, Tuesday brought a beautiful new feature to the Gmail scene, when the company announced that they would be offering a brand new design experience for users. Instead of seeing the blank, white, or solid-color Gmail background, users are being given the option to jazz up their inbox with a massive theme catalog and more emojis for email messages.

Instead of solid colors only, users can enjoy a selection of background photos, from stock images to uploaded personal photos. It will also offer colored text boxes and certain filters, Instagram-style.

Those who can’t say anything without an animated emoji will also be very excited now that Gmail offers a wider selection of the little faces, and an update to the quality of the existing faces, so you never have to worry that your message will get across with the wrong emotion.

Since the updates are pretty new still, it might take a few days for them to reach all accounts, so if it’s not available to you yet, check back in a few days.

These latest updates are just a couple of ways that Gmail is proving to be the best email program around. They are devoted to the user experience and will go to great lengths to ensure that they deliver. has even gone so far as to offer a second chance to their users, complete with a brand new look.

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