Stephen Hutcheson: Killer Dad Has Sex, Drugs Binge With Lover After Slaughtering Family, Police Say

On Friday night, Stephen Hutcheson, a married dad of two from McCalla, Alabama, cold-bloodedly shot his wife and 14-year-old daughter to death as they slept, then approached his 12-year-old son, who was awake sitting on a couch and saw his dad coming. Hutcheson shot his son dead, too.

After that, police say, the 47-year-old Hutcheson decided to live it up. He visited the woman he was seeing on the side and early Saturday morning they checked into a Motel 6 where they had sex, got drunk, and snorted cocaine.

In fact, the alleged killer’s mistress — who is also, herself, married — told police the illicit couple left the cheap motel three times over the weekend to hit up their drug dealer for more coke.

Hutcheson is still on the run — but police say that the school maintenance worker probably doesn’t have enough money to have left the Jefferson County area.

The details of the horrific murders and their aftermath come from Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies, who say that are certain that Hutcheson is the man who killed Doris Jean Hutcheson, 49, and their two kids Kimberly, 14, and Peyton, 12 — murders that were not discovered until Sunday night when a relative, who hadn’t heard from anyone in the family for several days, dropped by to say hello.

“He (Hutcheson) is the only person responsible for these deaths. We are convinced. The evidence is overwhelming,” Jefferson County Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Agee said at a news conference on Wednesday. “The crime scene was a mess. It was a very violent scene.”

According to reports, Hutcheson shot his sleeping wife twice in the head, then killed his daughter with gunshots to her head and face. He shot his son twice in the face and once in the neck.

The investigators also say that even though Hutcheson showed up to meet his mistress in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie supermarket at 4 a.m. wearing no shirt and carrying the gun he used to kill his family in cold blood, they are convinced that the woman had no knowledge of the murders and is not currently sheltering the fugitive killer dad.

In fact, investigators say that the woman told them that Hutcheson drove with her past his own house three times during their binge weekend.

When she told him she was afraid that his wife would look outside and see them, he told her not to worry about it, according to the account she gave the cops.

The killings have cut to the heart of the local community, leaving even one hardened prosecutor badly shaken.

“We don’t have many daddies that execute their children. I’ve got children myself so it’s just not something I can wrap my brain around,” Assistant District Attorney Bill Veitch told WIAT TV News. “I’m supposed to be a detached professional, but I’m not. I’m not. It’s personal. I don’t like it and it hurts.”

In an additional act of cruelty, Hutcheson used his wife’s cell phone to text his in-laws, telling them the family was taking a trip to the beach.

The shocking murders come less than a week after a man in Utah murdered his wife and two kids, then killed himself.

But Stephen Hutcheson is believed to be very much alive and, at least until last Sunday, partying. He has been charged with four counts of capital murder. The extra count results from his slain son, Peyton, being under the age of 14. Sheriff’s deputies say he is armed and dangerous and may still be driving the family car, a silver 2005 Dodge Stratus with Alabama license plate number 1AS7156.

[Images: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department]