Sandra Bullock Scared Of Media Attacks On Women: ‘Minions’ Star Aiming To Shake Things Up

Sandra Bullock is scared of one big thing right now, and she’s decided she’s going to speak openly and honestly about it. Though Bullock is known as a fun and great comedic actress, she’s getting serious right now and she’s hoping to make an impact. Just what is it that Sandra is tackling?

The Minions, Gravity, and Blind Side actress is speaking out about how the media covers women in terms of how they look and how they age. Sandra Bullock is scared of what she calls an open hunting season on women and she says she’s embarrassed by it.

Bullock talked with E! Online about being named People’s “Most Beautiful” woman this year and she jokes that “of course” she was the woman chosen to grace the cover. All jokes aside, though, Sandra says she agreed to the opportunity as long as she could use it as a platform to talk about who she sees as beautiful and what she thinks needs to change in media coverage.

Sandra shares that as she raises her son, 5-year-old Louis, she aims to teach him to appreciate and value women. At the same time, she says she’s watching repeated attacks on women in the media and she doesn’t see an end in sight. Bullock talks about how much bullying young girls are going through these days, and she wants someone to put a stop to all of the bad treatment.

On a brighter note, Sandra says that there is a lot of love among the women in the “crazy industry” of movies. She says many have bonded and take care of one another, and they work to rise above the criticism they get from the media about their looks. Bullock adds that she feels that what she’s seeing in terms of treatment and talk related to women and girls is scaring her and she’s clearly not afraid to speak up about it.

As Reuters notes, Bullock loves to ensure that the roles she plays are multidimensional, even in the case of her Minions villain role. She mentions having been surprised and devastated to become successful yet hit a glass ceiling, and she wants her son to grow up believing that all women are equal. She says she’s anxious to do her part to level things out.

As for Bullock’s new movie Minions, the movie hits theaters on July 10. Sandra plays villain Scarlett Overkill and this one is sure to be a huge summer hit. The film also has Allison Janney, Jon Hamm, and Michael Keaton in the mix of things and people are dying to check out the movie.

Though the actress is known for her jokester style and successful comedy work, hearing a more serious side about how Sandra Bullock is scared about how girls and women are treated is certainly going to resonate with her fans.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]