Photographer Slips: Wedding Picture Is Still Priceless, Makes Jimmy Fallon Show

A photographer slipped at a wedding, but the picture still turned out and it is priceless. Now it’s making the rounds on social media, and even made it to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Chase Richardson had no idea whether the photo he was attempting to take at a wedding last June was any good, until he developed the pictures following the event. He uses a traditional camera, not a digital one.

The photographer slipped on a the wet pavement while trying to capture a picture of Kristina and Will Moore’s wedding in June, 2014, at the McClain Lodge in Brandon, Mississippi. Richardson told the Huffington Post it had rained all night at it was very slippery.

“When it came time to take the wedding party photos, the rain had subsided, but everything was wet. So I decided to shoot the wedding party under a covered patio that was basically a concrete slab. I was framing up the photo of the entire wedding party, and I took a step backwards and slipped in a puddle. It was all kind of a blur, but I hit the ground, broke the lens I was using and cut my finger open. Embarrassing! I shot the rest of the wedding with a very noisy, broken lens, and a bleeding finger.”

Richardson sent a tweet to Fallon, and it grabbed the attention of staff and the photo was featured in a segment named #WeddingFails (watch video below). Now it’s all over the Internet, and the photographer’s slip has made it on Reddit and other social media sites.

Richardson also shared his experience photographing the new Mr. and Mrs. Moore on his photography blog, which he posted a couple of months after the 2014 wedding. The photographer says the slip at the wedding was not his first mishap while working for the couple.

“Kristina & Will will always have a special place in my mind when I think about the couples I’ve shot for. And that’s mainly because I’ve almost died both times I’ve shot for them. Okay, maybe not died. During their engagement session I was leisurely walking to set up a shot next to a lake when, out of nowhere, the earth gave way and my leg went down into a hole that was about knee-deep. I dusted myself off and finished the rest of the shoot soaking wet. Then at their wedding I slipped in a puddle while shooting the wedding party, cut my finger open, and broke one of my lenses. Evidence of this can been seen on my Instagram. But! Here I am alive and well and able to bring you photos that document how great this day really was. It started off a little rainy, but everything ended up working out perfectly in the end. Kristina & Will are some of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met both with wonderful families. Thanks for letting me be a part of this guys, and next time we meet, I’ll make sure to have a life insurance policy!”

Providentially, the photographer’s slip during the wedding has brought him a lot of free publicity, with thousands of views on social media and YouTube.

[Photo used with permission from Chase Richardson]