Navy Yard Shooting Update: Reports Of Two Active Shooters At Washington’s Navy Yard Were False? [Live Updates]

Update: Despite the fact of a witness claiming to have heard shots at the Navy Yard, and various media reports claiming sightings of both a black and white male shooter — the latest reports are now saying there was no shooting.

There are reports of two active shooters at the Washington Navy Yard on July 2. Navy security and D.C. police are telling reporters that one white male and one black male are the shooters that have been spotted. There have been no casualties reported, but lots of information is flowing to the press as the scene grows rapidly with black armored vehicles arriving to the scene. The area around the Navy Yard and in the nation’s capital have already been on heightened security status because of the approaching July 4th holiday weekend — due to potential terrorist threats.

Checking the live #NavyYard hashtags on Twitter can provide the most recent video updates, interviews, and live coverage of the events unfolding of the two active shooters at the Navy Yard.

The most recent updates coming from the Metropolitan Police Department officers and other sources can be found by following Navy Yard updates on Twitter. The response from authorities and the media at National’s Park and those from Building 197 prove that at least 24 police cars have responded to the Navy Yard for reports of two active shooters.

Police have backed media away to a wide perimeter, and Building 197 has been evacuated. Lots of folks are standing near National’s Park and a Navy Yard employee reported that alarms began sounding with the buildings and facilities on lock-down. The media is about five blocks away from the Navy Yard to keep a safe distance.

The Navy Yard is described as “the former shipyard and ordnance plant of the United States Navy in Southeast Washington, D.C.,” with it being dubbed the oldest shore establishment of the U.S. Navy.

However, the two male shooters reported at Navy Yard, as reported by W*USA 9‎ (which has live video coverage of the Navy Yard shooters) have not yet confirmed anyone being injured or shot as the police forms a perimeter around the Navy Yard with the active shooters. Military police have formed an alliance to try and contain the situation as they strap on their military gear.

Folks arriving for work at the Washington Navy Yard, which was the site of a rampage in 2013 — as reported by NBC News‎ – have discovered that they cannot get in certain buildings, so some are turning around and getting back on the Metro and going home. In Building 197, during the previous tragedy, a dozen people were killed as a result of a shooting tragedy.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Navy Yard shooting victim’s families from 2013 previously filed suit.

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