Texas Baby Abducted, Mom Slain Outside Pediatrician’s Office

A Texas baby abducted outside a pediatrician’s office after his mother was shot has been found safe and is in good condition, but his mother Kala Golden has died of her wounds, police have confirmed.

Three-day-old baby Keegan was set to be reunited with his father after the bizarre and tragic incident yesterday, and he was missing for six hours after the fatal shooting that left his mother dead. Details in the case are somewhat scant and not entirely straightforward, and the impetus behind the crime is somewhat less than clear right now.

According to local news reports, 28-year-old Golden was buckling Keegan into a carseat when she got into an “altercation” with 30-year-old Verna McClain, who was parked nearby. What happened next may not be known, but the Associated Press confirms that McClain has been charged, as of this morning, with capital murder. In the piece, the agency says witnesses confirm that “Golden died Tuesday afternoon after another woman shot her, snatched the 3-day-old baby from her arms and drove away.”

Also bizarrely, local news reports that when McClain was located hours later, the baby was not in her custody- and rather elsewhere, at a location they say is “undisclosed”:

“Law enforcement officers surrounded an apartment complex on Sawdust near Sawmill Road before 7 p.m. Tuesday. There were reports on the ground, indicating the scene may have been linked to the kidnapping/murder. A SWAT team took several people into custody.

An hour later, Keegan was found at a different, undisclosed location.”

A sister of McClain’s told press that before the Texas baby was abducted, McClain had told her sister she planned to adopt a baby.