Mystery Of Loch Ness UFO Sighting Deepens As Explanation Offered

Dustin Wicksell

A recent UFO sighting over Loch Ness resulted in an internet sensation when photos of the alleged extraterrestrial object were posted online, but now one man's analysis has complicated the mystery behind the strange objects.

Alan Betts and his wife, Anna, returned from a holiday at Loch Ness and were startled to make out the image of two strange UFOs in one of the photographs taken on their vacation, as the Inquisitr recently noted. The couple released the image to the media, as the Daily Mail previously reported, in hopes that someone would be able to provide an explanation for the odd UFOs.

— UFO TV Channel (@UFOtvChannel) June 25, 2015

— Mick West (@MickWest) June 13, 2015

"We only came in that day after sightseeing and did not put any lights on. We were outside -- me and my Mum -- to snap both sides of the view which was not visible from the house. I have a picture from a different angle looking the other way. I honestly don't know what curtain reflection he means. To my memory, all the pictures of that day were taken from outside."
"Since all the reference points are centered vertically, it makes no real difference."

[Image: Tatiana Betts via Twitter]