Illinois Teacher Fired For Stomping On American Flag

Illinois school teacher Jordan Parmenter was fired after he stomped on an American Flag in the classroom. The incident took place on May 15 in the high school English classroom. The Martinsville school board voted unanimously to fire Parmenter — effective immediately. The 26-year-old teacher told the Mattoon Journal Gazette that he attended the board meeting and answered questions posed by the members.

Jordan Parmenter has decided not to speak anymore on the classroom American Flag stomping incident until he has the opportunity to speak with a union representative. The Illinois teacher was placed on leave from the date of the incident until the remainder of the school year. The Martinsville English teacher also reportedly wrote a letter of apology to the school.

Parmenter decided to step on the American Flag which teaching his English students about free speech. He reportedly used a small flag on a stick in the room as a “pointer.” One of the high school students told his teacher that using the flag as a pointer was disrespectful. After the student’s comment, the Illinois teacher dropped the flag to the floor and stomped on it to allegedly demonstrate the power of free speech as a teachable moment in the classroom.

Parmenter maintains he later apologized to his students and regretted the decision to stomp on the American flag.

“What I did was never intended as a show of disrespect to our country, to our veterans, or to anyone, nor would I ever do or say anything with that intention,” the Martinsville teacher said. “I love my country and have nothing but the utmost respect for those who serve it.”

Parmenter also told the local newspaper that after talking with members of the community, he feels they will be able to forgive him.

“I have loved working for Martinsville and have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to help our students achieve success,” Parmenter stated in his letter of apology to the school district. “I assure you that nothing of this nature will ever occur again.”

What do you think about Illinois teacher Jordan Parmenter stepping on the American Flag in the classroom?

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