Teen Who Attacked Classmate Holding Baby In Schoolyard Viral Video Surrenders To Police

A 13-year-old Rowlett, Texas, girl who allegedly attacked a female classmate in a schoolyard brawl that sent a baby flying has been arrested.

The disturbing video of the brawl that went viral occurred outside Herfurth Elementary School on June 19. The suspect in the incident attacked 13-year-old girl — who was holding her three-year-old cousin at the time — by the hair. The toddler fell to the pavement in the violent altercation as the attacker pulled the victim from a park bench.

On the audio track (see embedded clip below) prior to the violence breaking out, a male voice can be heard commenting that “Take the baby… the baby’s the reason she’s not getting beat up.”

The suspect surrendered to authorities Sunday night on an outstanding warrant and was booked at the Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center on charges of assault (a misdemeanor) and injury to a child (a felony). Authorities have not released the name of the suspect because she is a minor. The family has reportedly been cooperative with law enforcement officials.

Cops indicated that the victim and the toddler very fortunately only suffered minor injuries, and neither required medical care. “Rowlett police department Lt. David Nabors told The Daily Caller the toddler suffered lacerations and abrasions. She did not suffer a concussion, as some had reported, he said.”

Added Cruz Hernandez, a detective investigating the case, “It’s two teenage girls who have bad feelings [toward] each other. One took it way too far and definitely violated the law and jeopardized the safety of the 3-year-old,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

Det. Hernandez also reportedly ruled out a racial component to the fight. “Our victim is biracial herself, so race was not a motivator in this violent attack. There was no racial motivation in the attack. You’re talking about criminal behavior. Nothing leads us to believe that race was an issue.”

The detective suggested that the other female and the male hovering around the confrontation could face charges. “It’s not against the law to be a spectator to something you don’t encourage, participate, or promote, but we have some concerns about those two… I find it concerning that young people today would videotape an attack of someone rather than taking that phone and calling 911,” he remarked.

“[The victim’s family] is very concerned that the video is out there on the Internet. I think it’s a parent’s nightmare to see their child videotaped while they’re being attacked in a violent manner,” Rowlett, Texas, Det. Hernandez concluded about the playground brawl which endangered the preschooler.

[Image via LiveLeak screenshot]