Heidi Montag’s New EP ‘Dreams Come True’ Showcases Major Cleavage

Reality-TV celebrity, occasional “actress”, and pop culture pariah Heidi Montag released her EP Dreams Come True on April 11th, but the only real “perk” is cover art featuring the 25-year-old showing serious cleavage in a skimpy monokini.

Though IQ can’t speak much for the music, Montag is certainly getting her money’s worth for all that plastic surgery she’s undergone. In November of 2009, Montag for 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day, following 2007’s breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Here’s a before-and-after, showcasing her dramatic (and I would say unnecessary) change:

Heidi Montag before-and-after plastic surgery

As for the EP, it features four previously released songs from the aspiring singer: “Your Love Found Me,” “Party Is Wherever I Am,” “No More” and “Overdosin”. The EP itself is actually a follow-up to 2010’s Superficial which sold less than 1,000 units in its first week of release.

After running up a plastic-surgery clinic tab and watching her marriage to Spencer Pratt implode on the cover of every tabloid, Montag, who gained her pop culture notoriety in the boot-camp of MTV’s The Hills alongside Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Audrina Patridge, appeared on VH1’s Famous Food in 2011 and hasn’t done much since, except sulk slowly into obscurity. Wisely, she and 28-year-old husband Pratt, now live a “low-key” lifestyle.

“I needed a break after such a crazy six years of my life,” Montag explained on Lopez Tonight last year. “And from being in L.A. and Hollywood.”

Not sure how releasing this new EP showcasing thousands of dollars in plastic surgery makes one low-key, but I rarely need to leave my house, so what do I know?

Now before you think me one-sided here, consider the issue and how many people are standing across the line in “pro-Heidi Montag” land and let me know how lonely it is.

Do you think Montag is best-suited in or outside of the public eye?