Jennifer Garner’s Crying Video, Ben Affleck’s No Wedding Ring Video Make Sense After Divorce Statement [Videos]

According to Google Trends’ Trending Searches list, the names Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner received more than 500,000 searches from Googlers on Tuesday, June 30. It was the same day that Affleck and Garner put out a public statement saying they would, indeed, divorce after 10 years of marriage.

In the wake of the Garner-Affleck divorce announcement, the video of Ben not wearing his wedding ring the day after Jennifer’s birthday made a whole lot more sense, as reported by the Inquisitr. Even though certain news outlets stated that the Ben and Jennifer divorce rumors were just that — divorce rumors foisted upon the “rock solid” Bennifer — United Press International pointed to the video of Ben not wearing his wedding ring during Jennifer’s 43rd birthday.

Garner became a 43-year-old on April 17, 2015 — the infamous no-wedding-ring Affleck 33-second long video recorded via the surveillance camera at a Canadian gas station was filmed on Thursday, April 16, reports the Chronicle Herald. Although the upload date of Affleck’s video was April 20, the Herald proves the actual date that Ben was spotted minus his wedding ring was the day before Garner’s birthday. Therefore, the separation rumors make a whole lot more sense now in light of the sad divorce news.

Also making more sense is Garner’s appearance on the Today show, wherein Jennifer cried talking about her family whilst speaking first about her role in the movie Danny Collins — a film about Jennifer confronting a man who has abandoned his family. Although Garner credited her tears to feelings about her mom, whom she said was under the weather, and her sisters, in hindsight, the looming divorce was likely weighing heavy on Jennifer, as well.

“Sometimes families coming back together can be as painful as families splitting up.”

Just one day after the divorce announcement, Twitter users have talked about Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting back together in a re-installment of Bennifer 1.0, and have even tried to peg Lopez’s Instagram posts as subtle hints. Garner’s emotional Today show appearance, however, was prior to the video above of Affleck not wearing his wedding ring.

“How about my birthday? April 17th! I’m happy to be 43.”

Seemingly innocuous questions about Ben and Jennifer’s marriage back then received a standard response from Garner.

“How’s the family, good?

They’re all really good.”

As for online rumors swirling about Affleck and his co-star, Anna Kendrick, and any potential nefarious dealings between the two, those have yet to be substantiated.

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