Candida Fluty: West Virginia Mom Accused Of Injecting Feces Into 9-Year-Old Son’s IV Bag

A West Virginia mom was recently accused of injecting feces into her ill 9-year-old son’s IV bag. Now, it has been reported that she has plead guilty to committing the heinous act. According to Fox 19, Candida Fluty reportedly appeared before Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Jerome Metz on Tuesday, June 30.

The 36-year-old woman’s son, Elijah, suffers from Hirschsprung’s disease, which directly affects the colon. Although the boy’s condition is quite severe, it has been reported that his mother’s action intensified his son suffering. Fluty, who suffers from a mental illness Munchausen, was initially arrested on January 17 and indicted on January 27, but appeared for an arraignment hearing on Friday, June 26.

Although she has plead guilty, she also stated professed her love for her children, insisting she “would do anything” for them. “I can’t really comment a lot at this time,” Fluty said after the arraignment, “but I would do anything for any of my children, no matter what, I would do anything for any of my children.”

According to WSAV, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters recently shared details about the incident on the 700 WLW radio show. Deters explained how Fluty’s actions effected her son’s condition.

“She put it into his IV,” Deters said. “When she does this, his fever spikes, as you would expect. Again, we’re just thankful the hospital caught this before the child was killed. We don’t believe her intent was to kill the child. We believe her intent was to make him sick, and she succeeded… Things were not making sense to them. When he was there before, some of the IV lines had been broken. She was getting money from people on Facebook from people trying to help the child,” Deters said. “She was getting a lot of attention for this. They [Cincinnati Children’s Hospital] have every right to put cameras in their room for security purposes, and they caught her.”

Fluty has been charged with felonious assault and endangering children, but has been released on a $50,000 bond. She has also been ordered to refrain from contacting her son and two other children. All of the children are now in the custody of West Virginia Children’s Services and currently reside with family members.

[Image via Hamilton County Justice Center]