Desean Jackson New BET TV Series Introduces NFL Star’s Girlfriend, ‘Home Team’ Tonight In The Season Premiere


Desean Jackson: Home Team will premiere tonight on BET. In addition to being a famous American football player for the Washington Redskins, Desean Jackson touts himself as a music producer, fashion label owner, and a film producer. Tonight’s docu-reality series will focus on his life on the field as an NFL football player and businessman. The show will also detail how his home team, which consist of his family members, help keep him in check. Desean Jackson: Home Team is a follow-up to the documentary Desean Jackson: The Making Of A Father’s Dream.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Desean Jackson grew up playing football and knows what it means to work hard, a skill he learned from his father, Bill, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009, according to Philly.

“Everything about me in sports is credited to him,” Jackson said. “Without him I wouldn’t be here. It was a blessing to have a father who did everything like that for me. We had a great relationship. He never accepted anything but the best from me.”

His mother, Gayle, always gave him love and encouragement to fulfill his dreams and live the life that makes him happy. Jackson attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School and attended the University of California before being drafted in the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008. He continued pushing hard and perfecting his technique until he was drafted to the Washington Redskins.

In the past, Desean Jackson has battled vicious rumors that accuse the talented football player of having gang ties with the Los Angeles Crips — rumors that he has always denied. In tonight’s premiere, fans will get a glimpse of the real Desean Jackson with an inside view of how he stays “on his grind” and maintains his successful lifestyle. Jackson knows that he couldn’t do it without the help of his home team.

In the first episode, BET viewers will be introduced to members of his crew, including his mother, Gayle, whom he calls his “momager.” She is the one who makes sure everything goes smoothly. She is also very protective of her handsome son. His sister A’dreea is his right hand and the perfect assistant to attend to all of his needs. Viewers will also meet Kayla, his girlfriend of six months and his publicist.

BET television series Desean Jackson: Home Team stars cast members Desean Jackson, Gayle Jackson, A’dreea Jackson-Clay, Kayla Phillips, and Denise White. And fans couldn’t be more excited.

“I can’t wait!”

“Like that guy.”

Don’t forget to tune in to BET tonight at 10/9 central to see if #DeseanJackson will “make his NFL comeback special?” Watch the trailer tease here.

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