WalMart: ISIS Cake Is Okay, But Confederate Flag In Icing Is Far Too Offensive [Video]

WalMart doesn't recognize ISIS flag, so bakes it into a cake

WalMart is quickly apologizing after a Louisiana man caught a local store red-handed depicting the ISIS flag in sugar and frosting.

That is bad enough on its own. Trouble is, last week Chuck Netzhammer asked his local store to make him a cake featuring the Confederate flag and the motto “Heritage Not Hate.”

Chuck portrayed his experience with the retailer in a video posted to YouTube. In it, he presents the form with which he requested his southern-themed cake, rejected with the words “Cannot do cake cuz of picture,” the New York Daily News added.

Obviously ticked off by this refusal, and hurting to make a point, the enraged customer went back to WalMart with an ISIS design and finally got his wish.

In its apology, the company insists that the employee who made the ISIS confection didn’t recognize the design, KRQE reported. But admittedly, seasoned broadcast journalists often have a hard time figuring out what it looks like.

Controversy over the Confederate flag has raged since a white man shot and killed nine black people in a South Carolina church, and in the hearts and minds of many, it’s a symbol of hate and slavery. Debate over its presence in stores and government buildings has been reignited, the Huffington Post added.

People like Netzhammer have been angered by this protest, insisting that it represents southern heritage, not hate, but their arguments have fallen on deaf ears. Many retailers — WalMart among them — now refuse to sell merchandise featuring it.

“So, Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating Southern Americans with this trash that you allow to be sold in your store, while at the same point, Confederate … memorabilia is not allowed?”

But apparently, if a customer wants anything emblazoned with the symbol of ISIS, the most terrifying and violent terror group in existence, that’s fine. Even in cake form.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]