‘Castle’ Fans Fear The End: Will Castle And Beckett Split In Season 8?

Castle fans are in panic mode and ready to rage against the new show runners of the series after a new blind item released by TVLine on Tuesday morning teased the potential end for Castle and Beckett shortly after the start of Castle Season 8.

The blind item teased that a fan favorite couple would split, and it would cause a huge amount of backlash and have an impact on the entire fandom of the series forever.

TVLine did share three hints to help fans figure out the series.

“The fandom-shattering split (which was first teased in Ask Ausiello) is slated to air in early fall. The show in question airs on one of the Big 5 broadcast network. It’s a one-hour drama.”

The initial teaser from the Ask Ausiello column mentioned in the hint does speak more about the epicness of this split’s impact on the series in question.

“I just received a piece of 2015-16 TV season intel that is going to leave a certain fandom shaken, stirred and seriously pissed off.”

Immediately after the posting of today’s blind item post, Castle fans jumped to the conclusion that the blind item was about their show, and it meant that Castle and Beckett would soon be ending their relationship.

Recently released spoilers have teased that Castle will be spending a lot of time with the new woman joining the series when the series returns. According to TVLine, Castle will be spending a lot of time with “Hayley, a quick-witted, free-spirited former LAPD cop who now works as a security specialist and is not afraid to cross lines to get things done.”

This helped Castle fans leap to the conclusion that the end for Castle and Beckett was near. One fan explained their belief about the blind item pertaining to Castle and Beckett by saying, “There’s been talk that Castle and Beckett will be separated early on in the season, and that’s been spurred on by verified scoop from Ausiello/MM that Castle spends a lot of time with a new female character. They’ve dispelled the rumor that Beckett is MIA, but not that the series may have two prongs – one for Castle’s story and one for Beckett’s.”

However, some fans are saying that the blind item might pertain to Bones, with Booth and Brennan ending their relationship when the show returns. One fan shared their thoughts in the comments to the report Spoiler TV shared on the blind item.

“I don’t think it’s Castle. I mean, it just wouldn’t make sense. The previous season finale showed their relationship as being stronger than ever. It wouldn’t make sense for them to go from ‘happily married’ to ‘divorced’ so quickly. My bet is on Bones. They’re already having problems, and it wouldn’t be such a leap that Booth’s gambling problems could ruin their marriage. I just don’t see any reason for Castle and Beckett to end things, no reason at all, while I see plenty reason for Booth and Brennan to end things.”

Previous spoilers from Alexi Hawley shared by Inquisitr did tease positive things for Castle and Beckett. It was stated that fans would see more of Castle and Beckett’s relationship on Castle Season 8.

“Fundamentally, Beckett and Castle’s relationship has room to have movement in it. So for me – and I can’t speak for Terence – we’re just excited to go in there and see what the future holds. ABC just really wants to tell good stories and I think there’s still a lot of great stories to be told.”

That does not sound like a split is in the works, but fans of ABC programming has learned that anything is possible. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy learned that when the series killed off Derek Shepherd.

Castle and Bones are the most popular choices among television viewers for this blind item, but some fans also spoke up about Arrow, with Felicity and Oliver ending their newly minted relationship, and Snow and Charming ending the fairy tale romance on Once Upon A Time.

Fans will need to tune in this fall to find out which couple causes a major shift for their fans. Who do you think it is?

[Photo: ABC]