Jessica Biel Goes To College Roommate’s Wedding, Brings A Big Surprise For Guests

Jessica Biel Goes To College Roommate's Wedding, Brings A Big Surprise For Guests

Jessica Biel showed up to her college roommate’s wedding this weekend with a big surprise for the guests — her husband performing an impromptu song.

Biel traveled to Norwalk, Connecticut, to celebrate her friend Dana Panzer’s wedding to Amy Wicker. The couple already had plenty of reason to celebrate, just one day after the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages legal everywhere in the United States, but Jessica helped to make it even more memorable.

Jessica and husband Justin Timberlake found a babysitter for 2-month-old Silas and partied the night away, with Justin offering a special musical gift to the pair.

Justin sat down at a keyboard to perform his song “Senorita,” with a video of the song going viral.

“Imma start something, and all the fellahs gonna look at the ladies, who just got married tonight. And all the ladies gonna look at the ladies, you know what I’m saying,” Justin told the crowd.

Justin and Jessica Biel had a great time the rest of the night as well, Us Weekly reported.

“Throughout the night, Justin really let loose and he started dancing in the middle of the wedding circle, having an amazing time dancing to this great band,” another eyewitness tells Us. “Then Justin decided he wanted to put on a little concert for the two brides and he jumped on the stage. It was awesome and so special for the brides and all the guests who were so impressed!”

Jessica Biel made headlines in another way. Witnesses said she showed off an amazingly trim figure, having appeared to lose all her baby weight already. “She looked amazing. You would never know she just had a baby because she is slim and trim,” the witness said.

Jessica has been working hard at getting back into shape, undergoing a strict workout and diet routine that started even before she gave birth. Jessica adopted the Paleo diet, cutting out sugar and other grains, while also taking up hiking and yoga.

Once Silas was born, she returned to her regular strength-training and running regimen.

“She incorporates a lot of variety into her workouts, which is important to help re-tone postnatal,” said nutritionist Keri Glassman.

Jessica also relies on a meal service to deliver Paleo-friendly ingredients, but said she also does most of the cooking herself.

“Eating Paleo just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat and water-weight right off your body,” explained Jessica, who added, “I do a lot of cooking at home using fresh fish or lean meat like chicken and vegetables.”

But it’s likely that Jessica Biel and her post-baby body won’t be the thing that wedding guests remember from this weekend, at least not after Justin Timberlake’s performance.

[Photo by Getty Images / Christopher Polk]