NYPD Cop Accused Of Sexual Assault On Woman He Met On Domestic Violence Call

A NYPD cop is accused of alleged sexual assault on a woman he met while responding to a domestic violence call and now faces dismissal from his job.

The New York Daily News reports exclusively that officer Harry Avalos was being investigated by the Internal Affairs Bureau for lying about a stormy sexual relationship he had with a woman he met during a domestic violence call.

According to a NYPD spokesperson, Commissioner Bill Bratton will ultimately decide whether 36-year-old Avalos will be fired for the alleged sexual assault or forced to retire from the force. The accused cop is a 10-year veteran at the 108th Precinct in the New York borough of Queens. The woman and her partner filed a $15 million federal lawsuit on Monday, and her lawyer, Steven Hoffner, dubbed Avalos a “predator” who uses his job as a “dating services.”

The lawsuit alleges officer Harry Avalos met the woman in question after her husband placed a 911 call on September 28, 2011. The man wanted her removed from the home they shared in Queens after the couple got into an argument.

“Avalos asked (the wife) why a beautiful woman like her is with a guy like him.” the lawsuit states. He began paying her attention and, in December of 2012, Avalos took the woman out and got her drunk on tequila shots.

“The last thing (she) remembers from that night is getting into a taxi with him. The next thing she remembers is waking up in a room with no clothes on,” according to the suit. Additionally, Avalos took photos of the naked woman and made a video of the pair having sex, threatening to post it online.

Then, in March of 2013, the NYPD cop lured the woman to a hotel in his flashy Lamborghini, with the promise he would delete the photos in front of her. Instead, he allegedly forced her to have sex with him. Avalos also threatened to kill the victim’s family if she went to police, she claims.

“You don’t know how crazy I am,” he allegedly said to the woman.

The report indicates the woman did not immediately report the NYPD cop for sexual assault but discussed the events with her husband after the couple reconciled. The man obtained the room records from the hotel and handed it to the Internal Affairs Bureau in March of 2013.

Harry Avalos initially denied any contact with the woman. However, he later claimed he had consensual sex with her. Even though the Queens District Attorney’s office investigated the allegations, they didn’t prosecute the NYPD cop for sexual assault.

[Image via New York Daily News]