Harry Styles Bored By Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle, Is This The End Of The Road?

One Direction star Harry Styles is never far from a juicy rumor. If the gossip columns are not obsessing over who Styles is dating, they are speculating over what Harry’s next career move will be. Once again, the rumor mill is in full swing over the future of the boy-band and about Harry’s future in particular. Admittedly we have heard it all before, but the speculation over Zayn Malik’s future in the band proved to be correct in the end.

Prior to Malik quitting the band mid-tour back in March of this year, there had been speculation for months that he was feeling the pressure of life in the spotlight and that he wanted “a more normal life.” Styles, who is labelled as the One Direction lothario after a string of high-profile celebrity romances, arguably receives even more attention than Malik. It would be no surprise if 21-year-old Harry got sick of living his life under the microscope. Harry can’t even take his Mom out for dinner without being hounded by paparazzi.

In recent months we have seen numerous stories about Harry’s relationships, constant speculation about One Directions future and it is widely believed that Styles is interested in pursuing movie and fashion careers. Against such a backdrop it would be no surprise if Harry were sick of it all and decided to opt for a quieter life.

Numerous outlets are reporting today that a source close to Styles has said that Harry is becoming increasingly disillusioned by the celebrity lifestyle. The Belfast Telegraph reports that Harry feels trapped.

“It’s like he’s stuck in the rock’n’roll lifestyle, It used to be so much fun, but he’s beginning to feel unfulfilled. And the exhaustion is starting to show.”

The Independent claims that Harry’s response to all the pressure is to go out and party but that this is taking its toll on him, too.

“The pressure and uncertainty are getting too much for Harry, he needs to take care of himself but he just wants to party through everything.”

Further speculation about One Directions future will not have helped to calm Styles either, especially as it seems that the source of the latest break-up stories is Icona Pop, the Swedish duo who will support Styles and his pals on the U.S. leg of their world tour.

The one thing that is beyond dispute is that Harry Styles and One Direction are under a five-year, five-album deal with Simon Cowell’s SyCo. That deal expires at the end of this year. It has not been reported when or if a new deal will be offered or whether Styles and his pals want a new deal.

If the speculation proves to be correct then the On The Road Again tour could indeed prove to be the end of the road for Harry Styles and One Direction.

[Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]