AMC Releases The Official ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Poster

Fear The Walking Dead official San Diego Comic Con poster

Recently a poster for AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead was released amid a flurry of media excitement. The poster depicted a zombie shambling down a corridor while a man with a gun watched on. It was reminiscent of an early video teaser that showed a figure in a tunnel. While outlets claimed the poster was released by AMC, it never made it to their official website. Then news started circulating that the original poster was a fake – made lovingly by a fan – and not by AMC at all. However, reliable media outlets are still pushing this poster as an AMC original.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans website, the poster first released as Fear The Walking Dead artwork is a fan made poster belonging to Brent Hatfield. After contacting Brent, he described his thought process behind the poster:

“As far as the design process it really just started off with me trying to visualize a scene that really gives a heavy sense of fear. As a fan of the original series, I thought to myself what would be more of a visual representation of fear than a “walker” in a hallway, slowly creeping toward someone. This someone ended up being a soldier. I took that, messed around with the lighting, to give it a dark, eerie look.”

At the time of publication, AMC have not responded to inquiries by The Inquisitr over the poster in question. You can check out the Fear The Walking Dead poster below and make up your own mind over the validity of it.

Now, with key artwork starting to be released in relation to next month’s San Diego Comic Con, AMC have finally released the official poster for Fear The Walking Dead to be displayed during the entirety of the San Diego Comic Con 2015. The poster is evocative, showing footprints in the sand. Except those footprints appear to be of someone who drags their foot. A shuffling zombie most likely made the prints as it makes its way to the amusement park on the Santa Monica pier in the distance.

Fear The Walking Dead will get its first go at the San Diego Comic Con this year when a core group of the cast and executive producers will appear on Friday July 10 at 1 p.m. in Hall H of the San Diego Conference Center. There is also speculation that the official start date for Fear The Walking Dead will be announced at this year’s Comic Con.

Are you looking forward to Fear The Walking Dead when it premieres in August? Are you attending San Diego Comic Con and plan on checking out the Fear The Walking Dead panel? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credits: AMC / Brent Hatfield]