NBC Ends Partnership With Donald Trump Over Negative Remarks Against Mexicans

NBC has resolved to put an end to its business partnership with Donald Trump, Yahoo! reported.

The network's decision came after the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, an assembly of 39 Latino advocacy groups, asked NBC to end its dealings with the business mogul.

In a kickoff speech for the presidential campaign, Trump issued negative remarks against Mexicans.

The business mogul said that the Mexicans who were coming to the US bring drugs and crime with them, though a few may be good people.

NBC has announced that they value consideration and reverence for people from all walks of life.

Starting this year, the network will stop showing Miss USA and Miss Universe on its channel. Miss USA has been aired on NBC since 2003 and was supposed to be televised this July 12.

NBC was alleged to follow Univision's decision not to air the two shows as well. Univision is the top network for Spanish-language shows in the US.

Aside from the beauty pageants, Trump also hosts The Apprentice, as well as its version for celebrities, The Celebrity Apprentice.

In the meantime, the network is looking for a replacement for Miss USA's timeslot.

Nevertheless, Trump announced that he expected the loss of his business dealings, though he does not regret his remarks because he believes that they weren't wrong.

After all, Trump further commented, the statements were intended for US lawmakers and not Mexicans themselves.

In a statement he released following a campaign speech in Chicago in front of civic and society leaders of the City Club of Chicago, Trump declared that he does not care about NBC's actions.

Trump also criticised NBC for being lax with liars, but cannot accept people who tell unpleasant truths.

Trump is referring to NBC's decision to demote news anchor Brian Williams instead of firing him for announcing untrue narratives which implicated him.

The business magnate is now threatening to sue NBC and Univision, declaring that their contract violating closure of Miss Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court, further adding that NBC is too weak and unwise not to see the serious problems the influx of Mexicans bring to the US.

Aside from planning to sue Univision, Trump has also called for a boycott of the network's shows.

On June 25, Trump sent a tweet asking those who only want the best for US and prefer to be protected from bad deals should not support Univision.

[Image by Christopher Gregory, Getty Images]