One Direction’s ‘Last Tour,’ Says Their U.S. Opening Act To The Swedish Media

Have English-speaking One Direction fans been missing important clues about the future of the band because they do not read Swedish? It appears that there is an ongoing thread within the Swedish media over the last two weeks of June that could be the first to announce the fate of One Direction.

But does this information about One Direction come from a reliable source? Although the translating between English and Swedish using an online browser translator can get skewed, there are two separate instances where a reliable insider source close to One Direction stated that this could be One Direction’s “last tour.”

The reliable source close to One Direction is none other than Icona Pop. The Swedish music duo announced around June 1 that they would be joining One Direction on their U.S.A. tour as an opening act starting July 9 in San Diego.

Since then, Icona Pop has been getting a lot of attention from the Swedish media and have been interviewed about One Direction a couple of times in June.

Each time Icona Pop spoke to the press in June, they talked about One Direction — and highlighted at least one surprise that America fans might expect from their On the Road Again tour in America.

What else does One Direction have in store besides showing fans more instances of Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan’s budding bromance?

Rolling Stone reports on June 12 that One Direction has a lot of “surprises” on the horizon for their tour with Icona Pop. They also state, “Icona Pop opens all North American dates. Horan promises that no matter the lineup, fans should expect ‘the usual One Direction madness onstage.'”

Could one of the surprises (or madness) that One Direction has in mind is breaking it to the fans that they are breaking up? Evidence in Sweden via Icona Pop seems to be adding up in that direction.

On June 17 when Icona Pop released their video for “Emergency,” the music duo told the Swedish press it was One Direction’s “last tour.”

Icona Pop stated the following about One Direction in an interview with Expressen.

“We are the first girl band that may open with them, and on their last tour, so it feels a little cool. And the same is true about the stage tour, too. I do not think you understand how many people there will be…. It will probably be emotional for many fans, I imagine, in that it is the last [tour for One Direction].”

Contrary to that, when One Direction played in Sweden, the local press noted that One Direction did not seem to be putting out break-up vibes.

Following the statements made on June 17 by Icona Pop that this will be One Direction’s last tour, on June 23, Expressen wrote the following.

“It could be that this is One Direction’s last time playing in Sweden ever. When One Direction takes the stage at the Ullevi tonight, it may be the last time they are ever on Swedish soil….The Swedish duo Pop Icon, which opens for One Direction in the upcoming North American tour, has said it is boy band’s last tour.”

When Expressen followed up on Icona Pop’s accussations that One Direction could be breaking up, they contacted Kristofer Akesson, a press agent associated with Live Nation and One Direction. Akesson said he had no current knowledge about One Direction breaking up.

Furthermore, Expressen stated that One Direction ended their show in Sweden on June 23 in a way that seemed to imply they would be returning (and not breaking up as a band).

Expressen reports that Harry Styles said at the end of the Swedish show, “I hope this is not the last you see of us… See you again soon.”

Whether it ends up being One Direction’s last tour or not — Icona Pop states that touring with One Direction is a big deal. This is especially true compared to their past tours with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

On June 26, Icona Pop was interviewed about their upcoming tour with One Direction and they told Swedish newspaper, Afton Bladet, the following.

“It will be so fun. We are excited to go out on the stadium tour. [One Direction seems] really funny… I do not think I understood how big it is to go on this.”

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