‘Neverwinter’ On Xbox One Updating With ‘Rise Of Tiamat’ Content Tomorrow

Neverwinter on the Xbox One is updating tomorrow with “Rise of Tiamat” content. The console version of the game will expand to include the fifth module available to players early in the morning with the servers expected to be live sometime thereafter.

The Xbox One version of Neverwinter launched with the fourth module, “Tyranny of Dragons,” live. That storyline will be wrapping up when the patch occurs tomorrow, including the addition of new boons. “Rise of Tiamat” content includes a new zone, a new raid, and other changes and fixes.

Players will be able to venture into the new zone, called the Well of Dragons, when the patch concludes. This desert zone is technically part of the “Tyranny of Dragons” module and will require a few objectives to be completed before a player can enter. Specifically, Neverwinter players will need to be level 60 and they will need to have finished the “Assit the Zhentarim” task five times before they are allowed to enter. Many dragons can spawn in the Well of Dragons zone, making it the perfect zone to farm the mythical creatures.

Although many players will be excited by the new zone and the new raid, Temple of Tiamat, many performance improvements, gameplay changes, and bug fixes will be going live when the servers update tomorrow. Frame rate should improve throughout the game, and a well-known stall found intermittently should be rectified with this Neverwinter update. A few memory leaks that occurred after several hours of play have also been fixed.

Neverwinter on the Xbox One
Neverwinter on the Xbox One

Players should see a few changes to the way the vote kick system works, including the addition of a grace period before players can be kicked when entering a dungeon. Moreover, the vote kick confirmation button has been changed to the X button.

Neverwinter players can also expect a new minimap toggle option, a change instance option has been added to the guild roster, and a chance to view quest rewards from the quest log. Players should check out the full list of Neverwinter patch notes for “Rise of Tiamat” for more information. Finally, when “Rise of Tiamat” goes live for the Xbox One version of Neverwinter, players in Australia and New Zealand will be region supported, according to a post on the game’s official Twitter account.

As the Inquisitr reported, five expansions are planned for Neverwinter on the Xbox One in 2015. Although the PC version is currently running the sixth module, “Elemental Evil,” the console version is catching up fast with the addition of the fifth, “Rise of Tiamat.” Two new modules are already announced for Neverwinter, with one of them planned for the summer of 2015. “Strongholds” and “Underdark” are both expected to release this year.

Will you be heading to the Well of Dragons with Neverwinter’s newest update?

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