Tea Party Speaker Tells Gay Protestors They Will Not Be “Silenced By Faggots” [Video]

Boston, MA – In the heart of liberal Massachusetts, a Tea Party backed tax day protest got a little out of hand today with one of the speakers of the event telling gay protestors the group will not be “silenced by faggots”.

Scott Wooledge reports in a lengthy post at Daily Kos that there were several confrontations between tea partyers, police and progressive groups.

Wooledge reports,

“Reports from attendees were that in response to disturbances by protestors, one of the speakers said from the podium, broadcast across the loud speakers at the Commons, “We will not be silenced by faggots.””

The comment was thrown at progressive protestors there to protest the honoring of anti-gay activist Scott Lively at the event.

Photographers also documented at least one instance of police appearing to get physical with the pro-LGBT groups:

The protester who was assaulted wrote in to Back2Stonewall to recount the experience:

“Two of our protesters were arrested, and I moved away from the crowd to show solidarity with them and follow as they were arrested. After that, I moved back into the crowd, and a Tea Partier knocked the wig off my head. I picked it up said to him “Why do you think it’s okay to knock my wig off my head?” He replied “Oh, my hand slipped.”I was going to continue talking to him but then the officer in the picture approached me and said “okay, take your shit and get out of here,” shoving me back. I said to him “Don’t shove me.” He then said “Don’t shove you!?” and then choked me, for a short period of time. My comrades reacted pretty quick, taking those pictures, getting his badge number, etc. He was rough with several other people, grabbing one of my comrades’ phone out of his hand when he tried to take a picture etc.”

Boston police issued a statement saying they would review the conduct of their officers at such events after photos circulated of officers getting nasty.

Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said,

“The department will need an appropriate amount of time to properly determine the context of the photo and what took place before and after. The aggressive nature of these individuals required officers to call for numerous additional units to respond. As we always do after a day of aggressive protests, the department will review all of the activity that took place during the course of the day including the photos that have surfaced from the event.”

Click here to watch a video of the altercations