Zac Brown Band Fan Gets Crushed By J.J. Watt At Concert

Zac Brown Band fan

If you’re a fan of the Zac Brown Band, you might want to take a lesson from the poor guy in this humorous news story. If by any chance you’re thinking about bum-rushing the stage at the latest Zac Brown Band show, you should probably take pause for a moment to survey your surroundings before you take the leap.

Unfortunately for one fan, he learned his lesson the hard way, when he decided to rush the stage for a little jig with the band and wound up getting crushed by defensive end J.J. Watt instead. Sure, he got down on the stage for a few seconds, but we’re sure the Zac Brown Band fan didn’t think he would be on the receiving end of a tackle from J.J. Watt. Not only was it a tackle, but it’s not like J.J. Watt is their official bodyguard. J.J. is actually a professional NFL player, so this unassuming fan was getting a top-notch tackle from one of the best.

While we didn’t see what happened once the Zac Brown Band fan left the stage, going from the crowd’s reaction, it was quite the slam. Watt was so proud of being the Zac Brown Band’s impromptu bodyguard for the night that he even tweeted a video of the tackle out to the delight of many fans.

Lesson of this story? Don’t mess with Zac Brown Band, or J.J. will have something to say about it.

Fans immediately responded to the legendary tackle, which quickly went viral.

You can catch the Zac Brown Band on tour in the following cities.

7/3/15 – DENVER, CO
7/10/15 – BOISE, ID
7/11/15 – GEORGE, WA
7/12/15 – RIDGEFIELD, WA
8/07/15 – BOSTON, MA
8/08/15 – BOSTON, MA
8/09/15 – BOSTON, MA
08/14/15 – WASHINGTON, DC
08/16/15 – DARIEN CENTER, NY
08/21/15 – FLUSHING, NY
08/22/15 – FLUSHING, NY
08/23/15 – BETHEL, NY
09/03/15 – TORONTO, CAN
09/04/15 – TORONTO, CAN
09/05/15 – HERSHEY, PA
09/11/15 – CHICAGO

The rest you can see here.

[Photo by Larry Busacca / Getty Images]