Sacha Heppell Fails In Bid To Become First Male Broncos Cheerleader [Video]

Not on the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, however. Nope, Heppell has his eyes on a different prize – a pair of Broncos pom-poms and the chance to become the team’s first ever male cheerleader.

Heppell was among 200 hopefuls who showed up to a recent audition for a cheerleader spot, but sadly didn’t make the cut. Dancing his heart out as he was surrounded by scores of glamorous young women, Heppell’s lack of formal dancing experience may have sunk his chances this time – even if he has performed as a professional sign-twirler, advertising businesses outside.

Before taking the stage, an excited Heppell told CNN:

“I’m going to try out to be the first male Broncos cheerleader. Ever. It’s huge. I’m excited, totally thrilled. No male has ever made it through auditions. I don’t even know if a male made it to the auditions.”

According to reports, all cheerleader candidates were broken into groups, and had to perform specific dance maneuvers in front of a panel of judges.

Teresa Shear, Broncos Director of Cheerleaders, said the team was open to anybody becoming a cheerleader, and that gender would not be a factor. “It’s an open call,” she told 9News. “So anyone can show up and try out.”

She adds that final decisions are based on dance ability. Of the 200 who tried out on Sunday, 60 were forwarded to the next round on Sunday, April 22. Alas, despite some innovative dance moves (see his audition below), Heppell wasn’t amongst them.

Better luck next year, Sacha!