Kyle Richards Goes Back To Amsterdam: ‘The Memories Are Flooding In’

Kyle Richards has had a troubled year, especially in relationship to her sister, Kim Richards. Both sisters filmed The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last year, and they both watched the season this year, reliving many of their troubles. Richards wasn’t happy with her relationship being aired on television, especially since she and her sister haven’t been getting along lately.

And while Kyle Richards may have thought that the trip would be fun for the ladies, it turned out to be a big mess. In one scene, Kyle actually ran away from the women, as her sister decided to verbally attack Lisa Rinna. Clearly, Richards was very embarrassed, and she doesn’t want to reflect too much on the past.

According to a new tweet, Kyle Richards is now revealing that she is currently in Amsterdam on a layover, and it is quite painful in terms of memories. It is uncertain whether Kyle actually left the airport to go explore the city some more, or if she is just staying in the airport with her family. But regardless, this is a painful time for Richards.

“Layover in Amsterdam with my family… The memories from last year are flooding in,” Kyle Richards revealed, reminding her followers of everything that went down during the cast trip to Amsterdam last year.

Yolanda Foster invited the ladies to Amsterdam, so they could see where she comes from. But Foster wasn’t happy with the way everything went down, either. One of the more dramatic moments on the trip was Kim Richards admitting that her children would turn their backs on her if she was caught drinking again.

Sadly, just weeks after the season wrapped, Kim was arrested for causing trouble at the Beverly Hills hotel while under the influence. She was later asked to go to rehab. She is currently trying to figure out what to do in terms of her arrest, her sobriety, and her family. As for Kyle Richards, she isn’t trying to push her sister into getting better. The drama between them in Amsterdam was enough for them to possibly cut all communication.

According to the Inquisitr, Kim decided to stand up to her sister, who was trying to push her to get sober. Richards kept denying that she was under the influence, but Kyle may have been completely heartbroken when she learned that her sister had been arrested.

What do you think of Kyle Richards being back in Amsterdam? What do you think Kyle should do in terms of Kim?

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